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'Easter Sunday Jam' – Martin and Lachlan (right) working on a tune

(image by Tracey Campbell/Sunday 24th April 2011)

Lachlan Foote

Lachlan began playing the guitar in 2004 when he was eight years old – learning to play folk-blues fingerpicking styles from Nigel. Over the past few years Lachlan has developed a passion for Celtic music, and is also studying the songs of Simon & Garfunkel, and plays electric guitar in a band at the Waratah School of Music, Katoomba.

Lachlan's first performance was when he played the Reverend Gary Davis version of Candyman to the Leura Public School assembly in 2006. More recently, Lachlan has performed at the Winter Magic Festival in 2010 and 2011 – with the band Green Liquorice – and at the Clarendon Guesthouse with his family, and highschool friends, Jack Fitzgerald-Sice and Lulu Levin-Skehill.


Martin and Lachlan Foote with Joe Robinson

(photo by Michael Small)


"In the Music Room" – Lachlan, Martin and Nigel

(photo by Tracey Campbell)


Lachlan playing electric guitar in band

(photo by Rachael Brady)


"Backstage" – Lachlan with Jack and Lulu

(detail of photo by Tracey Campbell)


Lachlan and Martin sharing a laugh – and a tune!

(photo by Tracey Campbell)






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