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Harp Lesson information – for students living in the Blue Mountains

Harp Lessons
Dawn Egan has taught Celtic Harp in the Blue Mountains since 1997. Dawn also taught for the Mitchell Conservatorium Of Music in Bathurst for a number of years.

Students are not charged a term in advance. However, missed or cancelled lessons must be caught-up or paid for.

Missed Lessons

Rather than simply charging in advance to cover a missed or cancelled lesson (the usual practise), Dawn & Nigel prefer to offer their students the opportunity of doing a catch-up lesson. That way, students receive the lesson they pay for, develop more quickly as players, and Dawn & Nigel are able to run their business in an economically viable manner. This arrangement minimises the negative effect that missed lessons have on a student's progress.

Having continuous, regular lessons is the best way to develop as a musician, and as Dawn and Nigel do everything possible to make themselves available, they encourage their students to show the same commitment.

If a school-aged student has multiple missed lessons, one of those lessons may be carried over to the school holidays – the others must be caught up during the term.

School holidays only apply to school-aged students and to adult students who have weekly lessons – not to adult students who have fortnightly lessons. Dawn and Nigel have found that fortnightly students who take a break during the school holidays (except at Christmas), often struggle with that stop/start approach, so they don't conduct their lessons that way anymore.

"Although arranging everyone's catch-up lessons is a bit of a juggling act for us at times, it is the best and fairest system that we have found in over 30 years teaching and definitely results in faster progress for our students.

When you have a lesson to catch-up, please phone (rather than emailing) to organise your times, as we can do this on the phone much more quickly than sending emails back and forth"... Dawn & Nigel

To book a catch-up lesson phone Dawn on 02 4787 9067


Dawn has recorded six albums, including four CDs for ABC Music for which she was nominated for two ARIA Awards.

Dawn Egan has one of those crystal-clear, Joan Baez voices, and her renditions of The Trees They Grow High, Reynardine and Silkie are delivered with much beauty.
Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald

A woman whose music is firmly grounded in the Celtic tradition, and whose haunting, enchanting melodies carry one back through time, to the old stone inns and windswept fields of Ireland... ABC Music

I love many forms of music, but I'm always drawn back to the beauty of the traditional styles.. Dawn Egan


Enquiries ~ please phone Dawn direct on 02 4787 9067 or contact:

Dawn Egan
Folksinger Pty Ltd
PO Box 7001
Leura NSW 2780

Email: dawn@folksinger.com.au



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